How to Watch VR Porn on your iPhone?

Do you want to know how to watch VR porn on your iPhone? There are many great sites where you can view VR sex videos. Here is what you need to know about watching porn on your iPhone.

iPhones and VR Sex

Your iPhone will work quite well for watching VR sex videos. You will need to buy a VR headset to watch porn. This is one of the first things you need to understand if you want to know how to watch VR porn on your iPhone. You will need a proper VR headset to watch these videos as intended. There are many different headsets that you can buy and some of them are very inexpensive like Google Cardboard. Many VR sex sites will send you a free copy of Google Cardboard when you sign up for their services.


There are many websites online which offer great VR porn. Most of these sites will run you around $15-30 per month. There are some sites that offer free content but for the most part, you will have to pay for content. Many websites are compatible with the iPhone. Make sure you check the site to ensure that it is compatible with the iPhone before you sign up but most of them are. You also need to ensure that the site will work with your VR headset as some sites require a specific headset to view the content correctly.

Watching VR Porn

Watching VR sex videos on your phone is not much different than watching regular videos except for the fact that you have to have a proper VR headset to watch the content. Many VR headsets are customizable so you can view the videos in certain resolutions, viewing angles and so on. You can check the documentation of your VR h4eadset to get the settings that work the best for your needs.


There are several sites which provide a dedicated app that you will download to view VR sex videos, although you don’t really need an app to watch VR porn once you have a virtual reality headset. The apps just make it easier to organize and view the content from a VR sex site that you might decide to join.


You will find some great content online when it comes to watching VR porn. Now you know how to watch VR porn on your iPhone. All you need is a good VR headset and access to a VR porn website and you’re all set to go. Make sure you read the requirement soft hr website before you signup to ensure you have the appropriate VR headset for the content you wish to view. If you don’t have a headset, many sites will send you a free basic headset so you view the content.

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