Your Complete Guide to Explainer Videos

explainer video

Explainer Videos – as the name suggests – are videos used to explain things like products or business ideas. The purpose of an explainer video is to present information in such a way that it captures the audience’s attention.

Videos such as these are typically used by businesses to explain or introduce a product or their brand to a target audience. Explainer videos, if done right, appear to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. Research suggests that people prefer to watch short, creative videos as opposed to reading articles and product descriptions.

A few characteristics of good explainer videos is that they are:

  • Explainer videos are usually short videos so that only necessary information is presented to help prevent the video from becoming boring to viewers. The key to a successful explainer video is to make sure the audience’s interest is retained.
  • High quality. If a video is of bad quality and appears pixelated it may have a negative effect on viewers. Such videos may leave a bad impression and suggest that your business is disorganized and unreliable. In a world dominated by high definition videos, no company wants to appear to fall short.
  • Animated characters. Good explainer videos usually have animated characters along with a little bit of text to give the video a creative touch and prevent the audience from feeling like they’re sitting through a tedious presentation.
  • Colors specific to the brand. It is important to leave a mark on the people that view explainer videos and that is why a business must ensure that they use color schemes complimenting their business or product to ensure a lasting effect on the audience.
  • The very reason people prefer to watch explainer videos is that they expect them to be simple and easy-going as compared to lengthy and complicated articles. Therefore, if an explainer video is hard to understand, people might just get frustrated and choose not to watch the video anymore.
  • The kind of music used in an explainer video is of greater importance than you might think. The right music can help set the mood and trigger certain emotions if it is relevant to the content being presented and the pace at which it is presented. For instance, spas can use soothing background music in their explainer videos to create a sense of relaxation.

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