Is It Expensive to Do a Live Action Explainer Video: How Much Does a Video Cost

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What’s the price of making a live action explainer video? Read and discover how much does a video cost today!


So, you are interested in making a live action explainer video? That’s great, for you, your business company, your brand, and your potential customers. While animated explainer videos are highly effective as well, live-action videos will better explain the products and services you offer. As a matter of fact, the live action explainer videos allow you to create a viral campaign and promote your brand in the right way.

Before you do anything, you probably wondering how much does it cost to make a live action explainer video? Is it an expensive project?

In this article, we will explain what costs to expect when making this type of video, what exactly makes each element essential for the video, and how to make the best decision when choosing a budget and a vendor for your explainer video project.

Before determining your budget, it is really important to understand where the costs are coming from in order to make the right decision. Every project is different, however, it is most likely your explainer video project to include these following costs:

  • Pre Production Costs such as concepting and script creation, organization, project management, producing, location scouting and talent search, production design.
  • Production Costs such as crew, equipment, locations, and talent.
  • Post Production Costs such as the edit room, design, animation, compositing, 3D assets, and etc, music, and stock assets.

According to these costs, the video may cost you from $5.000 to $50.000. You probably think that you won’t need so many things, that you can save money by using stock video, you can write your own script, use your employees as actors, and etc. Yes, you can cut costs, but if you want your explainer video to look professional, you need to do most of these things or pay someone else to do them for you. You will respect your money and set up a budget that works best for you, but you must work with a video expert so you can make informed decisions about how to allocate your budget.

When choosing a video expert or vendor, you need to let them know exactly what you are looking for. Make sure to look at their portfolio and consult with them to get an idea of what should be included in your explainer video.

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