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Businesses are growing by every minute. There is so much clutter in the business world which you need to create a buzz around your brand and product to stand out. Carving out a niche, identifying the target market and then advertising the product can seem like a tedious task, but with the concept of explainer videos on the rise, things seem to be on a much simpler side for the business.  Businesses have seen great improvements when they have started using explainer videos as their product advertisements. Businesses need to market their product right to make it to the customer’s mind. When companies need to stand out of the clutter, they need to have proper product explainer videos that can help them catch the eyes of the consumers long enough to follow the call to action and make the purchases!

There are many reasons you should have an explainer video for your products, some of the reasons are:

  • Animated explainer videos with the right whiteboard and clearer concept increase the conversion rates. In the e-commerce world, the whole idea revolves around creating the right image for your product and ranking amongst the competitors. The Google algorithms list sites that have explainer videos on their homepage amongst the top searches.
  • Explainer videos help in clarifying why consumers should be buying your product and how they should be using your product to address the possible problems.
  • When using social platforms, explainer videos are the most suitable way you can market your product. They are short and precise and can help in creating awareness about your products.
  • When you have a call to action as a part of the storyboard of your explainer video, you can generate the right quantity of traffic. The call to action urges the customer viewing the video to buy the product. Including the call to action increases sales by more than 50%.
  • If you have a creative storyline and are using multiple platforms for marketing your product, there is a high chance that your explainer video can go viral and thus multiple shares can increase your web traffic and even have many converting consumers.
  • Explainer videos are short and precise, and they help your audience retain the information that you might be sharing with them.
  • Advertisements are too mainstream. The explainer videos can liven up your sales pitch for the customers and ensure conversion!
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